UMi was established as a ‘multimedia’ studio in 1995. Yes, 1995…

Hence, the name – Ultimediam – a very simple anagram for ‘multimedia’, which was also know as ‘new media’ at the time. The name also represents how the advent of the internet as a tool for public use literally ‘flipped’ the entire globe into a dynamic new method of digital communication that has become an essential part of billions of peoples’ daily lives.

How things have changed since 1995! Websites were written with raw HTML code and while working at BBDO’s shiny new ‘Interactive Department’ on the Yellow Pages site, we were restricted to a maximum overall file size (including images) of 30k per page, to accommodate the painfully slow speed of dial up connections.

The technology advanced, bandwidths grew and Macromedia released Flash, which quickly became a very powerful platform for integrating animation, music and video on websites. Once Apple deemed it ‘proprietary’ its use diminished considerably, however, it has re-emerged as Adobe’s Animate, which is again growing in popularity.

With the advent of the open source web development tool, WordPress, featuring both responsiveness and a robust content management systems (CMS), it quickly became the global industry standard. At present, it is the number one choice as a platform for my clients because it offers in-house editing to those who like to change the content of their own sites.

As technology continues to evolve incrementally, so does the internet. Whether you are  real estate developer, lawyer, restauranteur, accountant, photographer, non-profit society or any other corporation, individual or group in need of a website, UMi can design and build an exemplary site that best meets your requirements. Click here to inquire.